Pro Basics Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

A 3′ x 6′ patient bed, with remote controlled head and feet elevation and manual bed height adjustment.



Pro Basics semi-electric home care beds offer a synchronized, split-spring design, a reinforced headspring with corner plates for maximum strength and support, easy-release motor mounts for quick motor removal and replacement and an easy-to-use hand pendant.


  • Two motors for power and durability
  • Reinforced head spring
  • Easy release motor mounts
  • Reinforced corner plates
  • Synchronization, split spring design
  • Pinch free design
  • Electronically controlled hand pendant
  • Composite bed ends
  • Components are compatible with most popular brands
  • Includes half-length rails and fiber mattress.


  • Provides maximum strength and support
  • Allows quick motor removal
  • Increases mobility and provides secure locking
  • Prevents bending
  • Ensures easy use, setup and operation
  • Ensures safety for patients and caregivers
  • Allows positioning of upper body and/or knees for maximum patient comfort
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 204 kg
Dimensions 224 × 91 × 58 cm
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