Theramed Gel Center Wheelchair Cushion


The Theramed® Cushion provides optimal load redistribution and reduces the risk of pressure ulcers (bedsores), also offering postural support for better user positioning. Its exclusive TheraGel multi-layer design has a breathable cover that provides better heat dissipation, while also being waterproof for easy sanitization.




  • Materials: TheraGel Stabilizing Center and TheraForma memory foam + 100% Nylon Top Cover and PVC Bottom Cover.
  • High Profile Support.
  • The combination of Theraforma® Memory Foam with the Gel Stabilizing Center allows an ideal support in the sacrum area.
  • Theragel® Stabilizing Center
  • It cushions the impact and protects the coccyx area, helping to prevent pressure ulcers.
  • Theraforma® Comfortable Posture
  • Molded with high-density Theraforma® Memory Foam, it guarantees to support the body’s weight balance, promoting a correct posture all the time.
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height cm): 46 x 41 x 7.5 cm
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